Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wrap party

Wrapping up the old year is hard for me -- I'm not ready, I haven't thought it through enough, I didn't accomplish the 'thing', the mysterious 'thing' that will make the year worthwhile.
Which is why it is important to do a year in review no matter what. Just pick up a pen and write down what did happen, what you are glad that happened this year. Suddenly, you'll see the 'thing' buried in the list, showing you what the year has really been about.
I'm so glad for:
- meeting Ivan for the first time.
- seeing Bonnie & Clyde in performance.
- meeting Akshay Shah in the delta sky club in Orlando on my way to Egypt.
- traveling to Alexandria, Cairo, and Ain Soukhna, Egypt.
- working with Greg and Claudia of GW Nunn Adventures.
- working with Connie Rainwater and Nathan Clark at Northland Church.
- working with Storyville Coffee's employees on audience training.
- Henry's teacher Ms. Bender and our amazing Mr. Watkins who is creating a new Middle/High School for our kids.
- Henry's hair curling up and turning dark brown.
- time in Idaho with my Dad and Henry.
- evenings with my Mom.
- my sister's new, exciting job.
- doing Yoga with my cousin Elizabeth on the porch in the morning.
- my yoga teacher Deborah.
- editing JJ Ruscella's beautiful novel Kris
- working with Bobbi Barber on her book about working with your adolescent with Autsim.
- working on Kevin Weaver's book ReOrient.
- my old/new friend Julia moving to College Park.
- studying Arabic.
- speaking French.
- Kareem's amazing hotel connections.
- writing e-newsletters every other week.
- walking with Elizabeth Dean and our neighbors.
- our amazing SAK girls and our gatherings, individually and as a group.
- falling in love.
- girls night with the ladies of Northland.
- tea with TMac.
- brunch with Clare.
- Angela Angel's persistance.
- performing and singing at Capone's.
- Dr. Bob Pierson and his family and their work with Leadership Nexus and getting to be part of it.
- having weekends off.
- performing at Epcot, even on weekends.
- Byron Katie's The Work.
- provision for Henry's education from the government program.
- taking Henry to see his Dad play Papa Noel at Epcot.
- Time with Sarah Lee, Karin & Lisa. Watching each of us make it through such a challenging year.
- sitting in the audience watching my friends perform: Laura Hodos, Sarah Lee, Lisa, Karin, Phran, Di, Cami, Angela, Russell, Phil.
- Lisa and Mark Daniel and their support in getting me to the Idol guest casting bench. What a cool experience.
- walking around the lake with Julia or Morgan or Di or by myself.
- good nights sleeps.
- taking risks.
- finding out I don't love taking risks.
- watching Henry become a man.
- my brother's first home.
- leading seminars on core values and vision statements.
- for being an uninvited wedding guest with Tim Goodwin.
- gathering people magically with Adam, Art or Phil.
- knowing my cousin Margarette in Australia and her amazing prayer life.
- Time with the great guys in my girls lives: Kevin Brune, Dave Ross, Doug Dobbs. Wow, those are some fine men folk.
- Driving 3 giant man-boys from school to Special Olympics Basketball practice for OCA.
- for Silvia Haas and all people with vision who also take action.

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Annie said...

Wow! When you write it down like that you had quite a busy year and have been blessed with so many new opportunities, exciting adventures and yet still enjoy old friends.