Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Past

It may be that Henry had a breakthrough this week. On Friday morning we went for a walk with our neighbors the Connolly's. Giles, Henry's school chum, and he were walking and flapping and Julia, Giles' mom, and I were walking and talking. I was telling Julia how Henry had been having my mother and I play Wheel of Fortune and the clue was
And I couldn't get it! Thank goodness for Mimi who figured it out.
As I was telling the story, Henry dropped back and said, "Yesterday."
That's right, yesterday we were playing that game with Mimi.
Henry continued, "The Jackpot round, Mimi and Mom won the clue Boston Red Sox!"

Henry has not, to my knowledge, had a conversation in the past tense. All the past from today's breakfast to when he was four years old, are past. Asking Henry what he did in school today means nothing to him. He doesn't know how to answer. Friday's school events are in a big bucket of 'past events' jumbled together with every time he's ever been to school. Who could tell what you did today if all of your past events were one big event?
We've worked on this, made it part of his IEP, and tried to talk about events that happened earlier today, yesterday or last week.
As usual, Henry applies information in his own unique way and his own unique time.
Not only did he talk about what happened the day before, he dropped in to a conversation that was going on about that event. He joined in the telling of a story.
Life is so consistently beautiful. When things come easily it is easy to miss how consistently beautiful life is.


Annie said...

Like a shoot from a seed are those moments of breakthroughs! I imagine what can bloom from here as Henry begins to see those past events in a sequence more clearly!

Alyssa said...

This is wonderful! I wish I could have been there to see it! Tell him we say hello. Let me know when/if you'd like to meet up so you can see the baby. Maybe we can meet with Giles too!